The Artist

The Artist - Hand Carved Wooden Guitar for Sale

The fantastic mellow tones show the superior woods used in the Artists' crafting. This is reflected in the tone of each instrument. Choice selections of wood and detailed handcrafting are a few of the ingredients to each instrument.

The Artist Series features an extended fretboard for more playability. This increases the dynamic of the sound as well as range. Each one has a solid black walnut body, an exotic hardwood fretboard, and a quilted maple top. Pick guards may be requested, as well as abalone on the headstock.

This instrument would make a unique addition to any fine collection.

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Named for Dan's wife, they have a round, deeper tone reminiscent of a cello. Made from select woods for their tone, these instruments are as beautiful to listen to as to look at.

Each Crysta-Cello has 7 frets on a soils neck, and a dragonfly adorn the front.

With a body of solid cherry, and a curly ash top, the Crysta-Cello have a lovely old time sound, with an original look.

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Old Timer

Old Timer

Our banjo-sounding Old Timer Series is perecct for camping, hiking, and road trips. With a 7-note fretboard, like the Rambler, it's another perfect first instrument.

With a rather old time banjo twang, the adorable Old Timer has a genuine Appalachian attitude. The tear drop shape makes for a great sound, while the woods aid in tone and lasting durability.

Each Old Timer is made with a maple body and a quarter-sawn read oak top.

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The Rambler


The Rambler is the basic series of Woodrows. It is he smallest, lightest, and simplest of all the models. It has three strings all tuned to the same note (high and low). If you include seven diatonic frets, then you get an instrument that has no "wrong notes" on it. This is the key that makes playing a Woodrow so easy. With a mandolin type tone, the Rambler is perfect for children and adults who want a simple instrument to learn on. With a number sticker on the side and a corresponding songbook, anyone can play a song in a matter of minutes. Since each one weighs less than 1 pound, the Rambler is perfect for all sorts of travels, Hiking around the campfire, riding in the car, and anywhere else. Each one has a black walnut body and a maple top; both of which give durability and are guaranteed not to warp in the future.

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Dan has made over 15,000 instruments over the past 20 years. He crafts them in his shop at the base of beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, in Old Fort, NC. He and his wife, Crystal, share a love for handmade crafts and can often be found at Grove Arcade in Downtown Asheville, NC.

When not in Asheville or the instrument shop, he enjoys trout fishing, picking music, and painting.

The Woodrow instrument series is a cross between a banjo and an Appalachian dulcimer (or lap dulcimer). Played upright like the banjo, but having the dulcimer construction, gives these instruments the perfect style for Appalachian, bluegrass, Celtic, and blues music.

Some styles have a real banjo like "twang", while others have a more rounded and mellow sound. Each one is different, and the voice and personality vary from instrument to instrument.

The unique design makes it easy for many ways of playing. From one singe finger on one string to flat picking; from major to minor to blues, the woodrow is so easy and simple to adapt. The only limit is your imagination...



Playing melody with your index finger is very simple. The two lowest stings are played in unison. With your index finger on the double melody strings, move along the frets, making sure to get a clear note before moving to the next one. The standard scale goes:


The sane scale on the Woodrow is:


In woodrow tablature, the numbers under the word indicate the fret for the correct note.



ONE The last two melody strings on the bottom are tuned to D

TWO The top bass string is tuned to D

THREE Tune the middle string to the same pitch as the bass string, 4th fret (which is A)

FOUR Grab a song sheet and pick out a melody

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This new Volume 1 DVD and Songbook is everything you need to know how to start playing your woodrow.

The DVD is a lesson with Dan Williams, and teaches you everything from holding, tuning, and playing, to exercises for furthering your skills. A dozen songs are included, as well as a few easy techniques such as hammer on, slides, and the tremolo. This 55 minute lesson is broken down into chapters so you can easily pick up where you left off, or watch a certain spot over again. Once you know the songs, it's easy to play right along with Dan.

Follow along the DVD with your songbook. Wildwood Flower, Over the Rainbow, You are my Sunshine, and Under the Boardwalk, are just a few of the songs included. All are broken down into woodrow tablaure to make them easier to play. Plenty of photos, scale exercises, and a chord chart make this a guide invaluable to the new player.

The second volume is currently underway and will include playing in the minor key with a capo, more advanced techniques, and more exercises to improve flatpicking techniques...

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on a limited basis)


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