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The Rambler

The Rambler


The Rambler is the basic series of Woodrows. It is he smallest, lightest, and simplest of all the models. It has three strings all tuned to the same note (high and low).

If you include seven diatonic frets, then you get an instrument that has no “wrong notes” on it. This is the key that makes playing a Woodrow so easy. With a mandolin type tone, the Rambler is perfect for children and adults who want a simple instrument to learn on.

With a number sticker on the side and a corresponding songbook, anyone can play a song in a matter of minutes.

Since each one weighs less than 1 pound, the Rambler is perfect for all sorts of travels, Hiking around the campfire, riding in the car, and anywhere else. Each one has a black walnut body and a maple top; both of which give durability and are guaranteed not to warp in the future.

Listen to ‘The Rambler’

Simple Example
Advanced Example

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