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Woodrow DVD & Songbook Volume 1


This new Volume 1 DVD and Songbook is everything you need to know to start playing your Woodrow.

The DVD is a lesson with Dan Williams, and teaches you everything from holding, tuning, and playing, to exercises for  furthering your skills. A dozen songs are included, as well as a few easy techniques such as hammer on, slides, and the tremelo.  This 55 minute lesson is broken down into chapters so you can easily pick up where you left off, or watch a certain spot  over again.  Once you know the songs, its easy to play right along with Dan.

Follow along the DVD with your songbook. Wildwood Flower, Over the Rainbow, You are my Sunshine, and Under the Boardwalk, are just a few of the songs included. All are broken down into woodrow tablature to make them easier to play. Plenty of photos, scale exercises, and a chord chart make this a guide invaluable to the new player.

The second volume is currently underway, and will include playing in the minor key with a capo, more advanced techniques, and more excercises to improve flatpicking techniques…….

Unpadded Case  $30.00

Padded Case   $45.00

Rambler cases are available on a limited basis

Strings x 2      10.00

Capo    12.00

5 Picks    2.00

Tuner (chromatic)     25.00


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